XWEB 500

New controlling and monitoring unit with web technology

XWEB500 is a WEB Server for small and medium installation, such as mini-markets, petrol stations and warehouses. Thanks to its innovative and powerful features, the XWEB500 is also suitable for supermarket installations, food control and storage facilities.

XWEB500 operates under LINUX O.S., it enables user to visualize and control their installations whilst providing service personnel with an intuitive, easy-to-use working environment. It supports standard browsers such as Internet Explorer®, Netscape®, Firefox® and Mozilla®.

The unit can operate either as a stand alone server by means of the local keyboard and display or in conjunction with a PC using the USB cable. Both intranet/internet remote connection and modem connection are available via RJ45 ethernet port or via RS232 serial port.

XWEB500 is compatible with WIRELESS modules. These radio-connected modules avoid RS485 wiring and can reduce installation costs dramatically. The on-board memory (128 Mb) allows XWEB 500 to manage up to 100 devices for more than 1 year.